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woman sitting relaxed wearing faded blue jeans pink sweatshirt and stacked pink bracelets

Jewelry Care


Kinsley Armelle Jewelry is designed in the heart of Texas and crafted by industry experts. With proper care, your KA jewelry will last wear after wear.

Keep Your KA Designs Looking Their Best:

  • We always recommend storing your designs in a clean dry area. KA pouches and tins are the perfect home for your pieces when they are not in use.

  • Maintain your jewelry's integrity by avoiding contact with hair products, lotions, makeup, perfumes, soaps, and cleaning products.

  • Always remove your jewelry prior to washing your hands, apply any kind of personal body products, cleaning, working out, swimming, or sleeping.

To keep your KA designs looking their best, avoid storing them in direct sunlight and humid environments. We always recommend storing your designs in a clean, dry area. KA pouches and tins are the perfect home for your pieces when they are not in use.

Goddess Collection Silver Laurel Leaf ion plated stainless steel bracelet.


Keep your metal pieces clean by gently polishing them with a soft, dry cloth after wear. If necessary, warm soapy water can be used to clean our metal designs. Make sure to dry each piece thoroughly before placing them in KA pouches and tins for storage.


Should be treated gently and with care. Never overstretch the elastic band (stretching it over your hand is okay).

Beaded Clarity Collection Silver Mint Bracelet.
A pair of Druzy Black Quartz earrings on display resting on a marble block


Always wear the plastic discs or metal safety backs with your earrings to help prevent loss.


Natural stones are used in many of our designs. Excessive water, direct sunlight and any chemicals can alter the color and appearance of natural stones.

Bangle 18K Yellow Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel bracelet with Quartz Accent
Halo Alana polished glass beaded bracelet


To clean designs that contain accent stones, i.e. crystal or glass beads, wipe the piece gently but do not rub. Be careful around corners or prongs because damaging them could cause your stone to become loose.

*The designs on this site are not intended for children under 13 years of age.

LiveRadiantly360 stands 100% behind the jewelry we sell. If you have any questions regarding the integrity of one of your pieces, please email us at

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